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FROM the vantage point of the creative process, our human form, our personality, with all the particulars of our own history, our name, our personal relationships, our life circumstances and all our troubles and strife, is only a vessel for an infinite process that is trying to go somewhere.

How conscious is any one of us that in this very moment the cosmic process that produced us is now dependent on us to take its next step? Our ultimate aim is spiritual maturity and that is not a matter of how long we have lived or even how much life experience we have.

The important question is – how much do any of us actually learn from our life experience? We must put aside our little selfish me’s for the time and open our eyes to the fact that in reality we are all one and that we are all here for a purpose. We are special – we are part of a magnificent, never ending – ever unfolding and evolving, creative process.

We must cease our selfish bickering and rivalry in our little lives and become mindful that we are here, living a physical life for one reason and one reason only – to discover who we really are – and once we have done so – to take our rightful place as conscious participants in creation. That goal can only be achieved whilst we are here in the physical world.

Those who are more spiritually developed are the ones who have been deeply paying attention, who are sensitive, aware and awake enough to truly learn and grow and significantly evolve as a result of the life experience that they have.

We all have the potential and innate ability to become spiritually mature and as such take the place that is reserved for us as integral partners in the cosmic process of creation. At the moment, our contribution to this process is unconscious as we offer different experiences of physical life.

This was quite okay in the beginning of our history, for to become consciously aware, we have to start somewhere, but the time is well overdue for us to graduate into spiritual adulthood – and the evolution of our mind is the next vital step in the cosmic process.

We are meant to consciously share in creation, that is our destiny, but we will remain unconscious of that fact while ever we maintain the primitive, fight or flight narcissistic attitude to life we now have. We need to grow up and replace our anger, discord and inhumanity with love, understanding and compassion – the mark of an adult, fully conscious mind.

With conscious awareness of ourselves, we will continue to contribute to the process of creation – the only difference being is that it will be a conscious participation – an exciting and enjoyable prospect.

This awareness is unfolding within us right now whether we know it or not – it is up to us  how long it is before we realize it and reap the benefits.

Nevertheless, we are evolving as planned, for there is order in all cosmic processes……

*Bits and pieces adapted from a quote by ~ Andrew Cohen

Dan’s Quote: “On life’s journey – faith is nourishment, 
____________virtuous deeds are a shelter – wisdom is the light by day… 
____________and right mindfulness is the protection by night.”- Buddha

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