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PLANET earth with the rest of the physical universe is here for a purpose. Nothing is happenstance. The problems we have with the ego, with our negativities, our struggles, our corrupt societies, our pains and sorrows, our fear of death and the seemingly depressive nature of life, are all part of the curriculum where we are given the opportunity to learn the truth that will set us free. There is no pressure to learn, there is also no penalty if we don’t learn.

The aim is to break out of the hell of our habitual mind. This ego dominated mind is a prison in which we worriedly pace back and forth in unconscious turmoil. The key that opens the prison gates is impartial self observation – to casually notice ourselves as we walk, talk, eat, rest, work and play.

This suspends worried thought for instead we are concentrating on what is happening in the now moment – not dwelling on the past – and that allows the healthy light of pure insight to shine upon us. This is how we earn our release from the hell of ignorance.

Who are we really? We are eternal beings, Universal Intelligence in physical form. *We are here to give voice, action and physicality to God. Even though it involves us as physical human beings that we may believe is so important, that belief is really all very much beside the point.

**God is the energy and intelligence that created the universe and is driving the process forward in every moment. And the purpose of that energy and intelligence is the release of potentials that have not existed before. Some have described it as ‘standing on the leading edge of experience where even God has never been before.’

This intelligence is constantly looking for avenues through which it can enter into the physical world and consciously engage in creation. As we learn to become conscious human beings and are thus, then blessed with self-awareness, we are those avenues.

Each and every one of us is potentially an avenue for the energy and intelligence that created the universe. We have a human body and a human personality, but from a universal perspective these are merely sheathes through which the cosmic creativity can shine.

We may believe in our ignorance that we – as the body and personality we think we are (ego) – is the most important, but we are of no real importance at all in the scheme of things, our human lives are very much beside the point.
Repeat: *We are here for the sole purpose to give voice, action and physicality to God/our True Self.

Our seeming unimportance in the overall plan may be a frightening thought to some of us, but that is only because we believe we are our ego. To dispel that fear, become aware that we are not!

*Adapted from a quote by ~ Neale Donald Walsch. **Adapted from a quote by ~ Andrew Cohen

Dan’s Quote: “Our confusion and fear lies in the erroneous belief
_____________that we are who we are not.”- Randidee

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