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UNDERSTANDING the mysteries of life can seem like quite a daunting task at times which sometimes beggars the question, “Why should we bother to learn about our true nature at all? What real need is there? Why not carry on as we are, living our lives as usual, as many in the world do, experiencing the drama of life as we are – a physical body with a name we are familiar with?

Because it will lead us to the hassle free, joyful life that we have always dreamed of, that’s why! Life is an adventure that’s meant to be enjoyed. Are you fully enjoying your life, or is it speckled with negativities like anger, judgment, sorrow, unhappiness and fear? The choice is yours – there is no penalty if you stay as you are. You’ll get there eventually, we all do.

Our physical life here on earth is no different than going to the movies to watch a suspense mystery. We get fully involved in the plot. We may leave our fingernail imprints scratched in the arm of the theatre seat. We sometimes scream in terror, or cry, or laugh, but we always know who we really are and when we are in the foyer after the movie, we say, “Gee, what a great show that was!”

That is the way life is meant to be – an adventure to be enjoyed. The ego is just an image projected onto the screen of life. It is a role we are playing that has a name and body that for the duration of the movie we call me. When the show is over, the projector is turned off and the projection disappears off the screen back into the nothingness from whence it came.

Our true self knows this. When our life movie is over, we will say, “Gee, what a great show that was!” The importance of learning to be consciously aware of ourselves allows us to enjoy our life NOW, in every unfolding moment – not in retrospect, after the show has ended.

The dawning of the realization that the ego – and death is a fallacy is as Eckhart Tolle puts it, ‘To die before you die.’ In other words, we die to our ego while we are still alive and kicking, so that we can truly live. The curtain of ignorance is finally lifted from our mind and we see clearly that the ego and death does not exist.

By becoming consciously aware of the fictitious role we are playing, we don’t take life so seriously anymore. What seemed once to be insurmountable problems, we take in our stride. Our life loses its sombre seriousness.

How will this realization change us? Life will go on as usual. We need the physical world to be able to experience ourselves. We may have outgrown negative emotions but if we are alive, there are still other lessons to be learned, simply as that, for that is the whole reason for us being here.

The difference will be is that our approach to life will completely change. Neither fearing death nor senselessly suffering from negative emotions – we will tackle life’s problems with a positive attitude.

Being more response-able, we will cease senselessly killing and torturing our own kind and other animals that share our planet. We will stop polluting our environment and instead, take care of it for ourselves and the ones that follow.

The world we will then live in will still have lessons for us to learn from but it will be nonetheless a world of wonder and enjoyment, not one to fear. Have the courage and the trust. We are all following a predetermined path towards our goal.
All we need do is to be aware that that is so and enjoy the lessons that life contains.

Dan’s Quote: “The miracle lies in your willingness to let it be what it is… 
_____________and in your willingness for this lies 
_____________your acceptance of yourself as you were meant to be.”- A Course In Miracles

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