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WE will never discover the truth about ourselves unless we jump off that precipice into the chasm of the unknown and that is a very personal decision. Each one of us alone must be brave enough to take that leap ourselves. No one can do it for us.

We can read about it. We can hypothesize about the truth of it. We can listen to people talk about it. We can preach about it. We can go to meetings about it. We can believe it. All of that is only intellectual gymnastics, not inner awareness.

The ego (who we think we are) can only live in the past, in the old and stale – the ‘what has been before.’ To learn something new and fresh, to know the truth that will set us free, we need to have the courage, the trust and the willingness to forego who we think we are and jump into a place we have never been before in this lifetime.

For us to realize that both the ego and death are the illusions of an unaware mind is to graduate from kindergarten to college in one fell swoop. Many of the lessons of life would become obsolete and unnecessary if we realized that one truth, for how can we be negative or have any negative emotions to learn from if we realized we are not the ego?

Negativity lives in the egos library of the past. It is only the ego that is negative, not you. It is only the ego that fears death, not you! *We will never solve a single confusion, nor conquer a pain permanently, nor burst a point of pressure, until we see that all such problems originate in pretence pictures of who we think we are.

The culprit that is stopping us from taking that evolutionary step is the very self we think we are at the moment. Writers have been trying to explain this conundrum in a language that can be understood for centuries. It is made so much more difficult because it is the ego itself, (You! Your name, body and eyes) that is reading those words.

The understanding of which is a threat to the egos continuing dominance over our mind. The ego will, if possible, casually brush it aside or say things like, “What a load of phooey.” –  Or stop us from reading it at all.

To succeed, first and foremost, we must have the little willingness needed to learn something new. This is where the importance of impartial self observation comes in. We think we are the ego, (our name and body) so to stand aside and not identify with ourselves as we go about our lives is, if we are lucky enough, to by-pass the ego (even for a moment) and look at our thoughts and ourselves with true vision.

That is still a very difficult task as the ego is on guard at all times and will quickly divert our attention if it gets the chance. The person we think we are is doing all this. The ego keeps us tied up in the chains of ignorance. We are like sleeping zombies. All we need do is to wake up and realize those chains are made of paper.

And by the way, if there is no willingness to learn the truth, then these questions and theories will not arise in our life, we will continue to be embroiled in unconscious, negative despair, fearing death – and fearing life, as most of humanity is doing at the moment.

If you are continuing to read this story or any story by any author on a similar theme, take heart, whether you realize it or not, you have the little willingness that is needed. All you have to do now is gather the courage to jump into the unknown. Are you brave enough?

*Vernon Howard

Dan’s Quote: “Trust implicitly your willingness, concentrate only on this 
_____________and be not disturbed that shadows surround it.”- A Course In Miracles

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