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CONFUSION abounds in our understanding of the differences between living and dying. Death has been written about before in the series ‘The Amiable Reaper’ and ‘Two Worlds’ and there is also a story on death in this series. Death is so misunderstood and is wrapped up in so much fear and folklore that the fallacy of death is probably the major lesson that we need to learn while here in this physical school of life.

It is the ego that fears death, not us – for we are not the ego – this major lesson cannot be harped on too much or repeated too many times. If we can learn, our lives will never be the same again, for we will be free at last. That is just how important it really is.

We openly accept and cherish life of course, that is natural but death is a different story. We approach death with fear and trepidation. It is something to be avoided at all costs and yet in reality, life and death are the opposites of the same experience.

They are two sides of the one coin so to speak. As you can’t have a one sided coin – a head needs a tail to exist and vice versa, you can’t have a one sided life – life needs death to exist, and conversely, you can’t have a one sided death – death needs life to exist. They are inextricably interwoven with each other.

Over time immemorial death has been portrayed in literature as a ‘Grim Reaper’ a terrifying specter in a tattered black robe, carrying a scythe. When death happens to others we are heartbroken, we mourn and feel sorrow for them, especially if they are our loved ones. We dread the inevitable death of ourselves.

We mistakenly believe that when we or someone dies, something precious is lost. Death is a newsworthy item and makes the headlines if by accident a great number of humans lose their life at the one time or someone dies in terrible circumstances. It is classified as a calamity and we are horror struck. The death of any fellow human being, whether known or not is a sad affair.

While we believe that we are the ego – we think that this life is the be all and end all, that it is the only reality that we are experiencing. And once it is over, kaput, our life ends. We hope against hope that there is something thereafter but because no one has ever come back to tell us what happens, we don’t know for sure, so we are all scared to death of death.

We conveniently forget that we need death to be able to live. We live our earthly lives in our physical body and the ego is an essential part of that body. As with a two sided coin – the ego needs a body to exist and a body needs the ego to exist. There cannot be one without the other.

We have no problems with the transiency of our bodies at all. When a life is over, we stick the body in a box and bury it underground to rot and decompose or we burn the body to ashes in a crematorium and think nothing of it. We mistakenly separate the body and the ego so, when it comes to the egos demise it’s a different matter.

That is where the fear of death enters the equation. The truth is that the ego is part of the body and does end its existence when the body dies. The ego is as transient as the body. By mistakenly believing we are the ego, we are then panic stricken by the thought that our life is going to come to an end one day and we are going to die.

The ego has a right in thinking this way for its life does indeed end with the body’s demise – but we are not the ego or the body – we are simply using them as a vehicle during this lifetime, to enable us to experience the physical world.

We are desperate and frustrated and frightened by the very thought of our death because we live from this imaginary belief we have of ourselves, rather than living from our true, eternal nature.

The truth concerning death is something completely different and thus, the reason for this story.

To be continued….

Dan’s Quote: “Men are desperate and frustrated and frightened
_____________because they live from imaginary pictures they have of themselves,
_____________rather than from their true nature.”- Vernon Howard

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