Mind WorX – Negativity 2

SUFFERING caused by dark thoughts that linger unbeknownst in the back recesses of our mind put a damper on our enjoyment of life. While ever we are unaware of these negative clouds, we suffer. At any moment a storm might blow up, it could be a raging thunderstorm or just a shower, but all negative storms do us inner damage.

The curtain of negative emotion through which we sieve our daily lives belongs to the ego. If we identify with the ego, believing we are this tyrant, we will suffer the consequences, as do most of us every day of our lives. We are not our ego! Our true self – the one that is reading these words – is utterly incapable of experiencing any sort of negativity.

We are only suffering because we are confused as to who we really are. There are two masters in our mind, one is positive and one is negative. We have the option in every moment to live our lives happily or unhappily, depending on which master we choose to obey.

So why don’t we recognize ourselves as the true positive self? Because our true self knows that in reality all is well. There is no reason to struggle for control. We know that we are eternal and in fact the ego provides the necessary lessons we need to learn in the school of life, so our true self is content to allow the ego to be.

On the other hand, the ego knows that it is transient, that it will cease to exist at the end of this lifetime, so it does struggle for control of our mind, forcibly exerting its influence over us, making us believe we are the ego in the vain hope that it will magically live forever as our true self does. It fearfully knows underneath though, that it can’t, so we suffer.

All suffering is unconscious. For us to suffer at all we must firstly identify with ourselves as being the sufferer. To break the chains, all we need do is not identify with the suffering. Instead watch from the sidelines and impartially observe the pain, realizing that the suffering is not part of the real you.

The ego is a very crafty piece of work, so crafty in fact that it has firmly convinced all of us that we are our ego – our name, our body, our likes, dislikes, preferences, judgments and  fears – especially our fear of death!

How can we tackle such a challenge? The ego hates to be caught out. It does its dirty deeds unconsciously, so when we observe ourselves with conscious awareness, the ego quickly back-peddles into its library of the past.

The answer is not to get rid of the ego – it plays a very important part in our life experience. It provides the lessons we need to learn while we are here in the physical world, but by becoming aware of the ego and then not identifying with it – we can learn those lessons without copping any unconscious negative flak. Only our identification with pain makes it painful.

This physical world contains suffering caused mostly by negativity of one form or another. That is what is! Suffering is part of the school curriculum that provides the lessons we need to learn in the classroom of life. The aim of learning suffering is experience.

When each lesson is learned, that particular type of suffering stops (we only have to learn a lesson once) then we can go on and tackle the rest of them. If we can learn our lessons without identifying with the pain, we can breeze through our life with ease.

The seriousness of life abates as soon as we become consciously aware that it is all just a drama and not real. That is why our true self does not butt in. It is happy for the ego to continue with its false domination of our mind, so the lessons can be learned, allowing us to eventually attain our graduation certificate in the school of physical life. With graduation comes the dawning of our awareness of who we really are.

Do not take things so seriously. Allow everything to be exactly as it is for there is an intelligent purpose to it all. Do not try and disassociate with the ego, it is there to perform a duty. Simply, do not identify with the egos pain. To do so only gives it false power over you. Just be conscious of yourself … Now.

Conscious awareness of negativity stops us suffering and allows us to enjoy our life in a truly positive fashion.

Dan’s Quote: “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. 
_____________Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, 
_____________ambition inspired, and success achieved.”- Helen Keller 

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