Mind WorX – Negativity 1

EMOTIONS like indignation are not reserved for touchy religious church goers – they cast a negative pall over all our thoughts, influencing the decisions and judgments we make in our everyday lives. Every event, every comment is sieved through this curtain of emotions. We all get upset just about every day of our lives over something that is said or done to us or someone else and because we are unaware that we are doing it, we suffer.

Negative thoughts and feelings such as indignation evoke statements like, ‘How dare they say that about me…‘I have never been so insulted in my life’…‘Why did you hurt me so’…‘It/they makes me so angry’…’I could just scream’… and on and on they go. Even the little gripes hurt just as much, such as ‘I feel really depressed today’…’why is life so difficult?’

Recognize yourself there? We offhandedly make statements like that every day, whenever something goes against our grain. We think that it is just a normal part of everyday life. We do it without thinking! If we watch ourselves, we will see just how often a negative statement leaves our lips and sprays its venom on our world.

All of us do this, so you can understand why the world is so full of wars and violence. We make the world we live in, we are response-able. And more importantly, we have the response-ability – each one of us – to eliminate negativity in our own life and in so doing, magically change our world.

The big problem with negativity is that while we are spewing negative statements into the outside world, we are also suffering in our inner world. The main feeling would probably be unhappiness, but there are many others such as anger, hate, depression, sadness…I won’t go on…you know them well.

Even our happiness is on shaky ground for we are always on guard that some damn thing is going to crop up and spoil our day. You can liken it to an escaped prisoner that is trying to enjoy his freedom but is on tenterhooks waiting for the police to catch him at any moment and take him back to jail.

By using impartial self observation, we become consciously aware of what we are doing to ourselves – mostly stuffing up a lovely day. We are doing it all to ourselves. Someone or thing might provide the seed of negativity but we don’t have to plant it. We always have that option.

Negativity has another name, ego. They are really one and the same. The ego loves to wander about in its library of the past, digging up and remembering things that have gone wrong in our lives and projecting them forward to things that might go wrong in the future. By doing that, it feels alive.

All of this pain is self inflicted. How then, can we learn the lesson and stop it hurting?

Dan’s Quote: “Quit thinking that you must halt before the barrier of inner negativity. 
________You need not. You can crash through… 
________whenever we see a negative state- that is where we can destroy it.”- Vernon Howard

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