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SOME might wonder just what significance the word indignation has in relation to the subject of how our mind works. Surprisingly, it has a lot to do with it – and the successful evolution of our mind. It is one of the many key, negative emotions that we must firstly become aware of and then overcome if we are to grow into adulthood as consciously aware human beings.

All of us bar none are indignant whilst unconscious – in other words, an outside source provokes the feeling of indignation in us and we automatically retaliate, without thinking. The next thing we know we are out of control, we are ranting and raving and accusing and complaining about the supposed slight against our character and ingrained beliefs.

That character and those beliefs are of the ego of course. While ever we are unaware of our true nature, instead believing we are this cartoon character that has our name and body, with its associated belief system, we will be dangling on the edge of the precipice of indignation every time something occurs in your life that threatens our touchy self image. With the slightest push, we will fall unconsciously over the edge.

Take the previous chapter on religion for instance. Regular church goers might get very indignant when they read that the author likens religion of all denominations to a debilitating disease that impedes our progress towards the evolution of mind – that it is archaic and has a use-by date. That it keeps us unconscious slaves of the devilish ego.

Those people have, if they only realized it, a wonderful opportunity to grow as consciously aware human beings. Usually emotions like indignation are believed to come from an outside source and when they hit the touchy self image, ignite the fuse of anger causing an explosion of accusations and repudiations. It can be very upsetting, more for the person who is indignant than the instigator.

By the simple practice of becoming consciously aware of how our mind works, we see that the emotion of indignation is an unconscious reaction that comes from within us, not from out there. The spark may appear to have come from some outside source, but we are response-able for putting the wick to the flame – and that is always a conscious choice.

By being aware of the way our mind works, at the exact moment an emotion like indignation rears its ugly head, we will see it coming and then, realizing how much energy it saps from our life and how upsetting it is, we can then easily douse the flame.

We are not being forced to be indignant no matter what the provocation, we are doing it all ourselves, no one else. We have the choice to say NO at all times to such an emotion, but to be able to do that, we must firstly become aware that we are suffering that negative emotion.

It does not matter if you are not a religious believer – that was only an example – as was the emotion of indignation, we all suffer from negative emotions of all sorts and they do one thing – they spoil our experience of life. They sap the happiness, love, joy and peace from our day.

There are literally thousands of unconscious negative emotions that bubble and boil within all of us at every moment of the day, waiting impatiently for a chance to erupt into a seething storm of indignation, anger and fury, depression and hate.

The more dangerous ones that we have to learn to become aware of are the sneaky little niggles, the impatience, the annoyance, the dislikes, the judgments against others and the silent mumbling complaints that continuously roll around in our head. All we need do is look.

It is our personal daily lives that are suffering from all these negative emotions that are invading our mind, no one else’s really – other people have their own demons to contend with – we are response-able for ourselves only.  Most of us spend our daily travels through life, unconscious and completely unaware that we are suffering.

We blame outside events that we have no control over for our frustrations when all along the problem is within our mind – and that is something we do have control over. That is why conscious self awareness is so important for us all to learn. If we are aware of our minds daily doings, we are in control of our lives, simple as that.

After all, what does it really matter what other people think. Suffering negative self destroying emotions like indignation is impossible if we are on the ball, constantly watching out for any one of them to stick their nasty nose into and spoiling our daily affairs. Conscious self awareness is the key.

Dan’s Quote– “Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.”- H. G. Wells

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