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NOTHING has impeded the evolution of our mind more than religion. There are many religious faiths and all are equally debilitating. Take the Christian faith for instance. When the Bible was written, the physical evolution of the human body was complete, except for a few tweaks here and there. This was done by natural selection, controlled by the body’s intelligence, so our conscious awareness of the process was not needed.

Our mind should have continued to evolve after physical evolution, but it never did. Mankind’s mind is still at the same stage of evolution as it was at the time of Moses. Our mental attitude and reactions to our world still triggers the same fight or flight unconscious violence. We have forgotten to continue with our mental growth.

The problem we have with religion does not lie with going to church or listening to the preacher on the pulpit, or reading religious literature – the problem arises when we believe in it. To believe what someone else thinks and believes, even if it is a large and authoritative religious institution, instead of looking within our own mind for answers stops us from self enquiry – hence, our mind stagnates.

Blind Religious Faith is a description that rings true. To have blind faith is to be handicapped. It stunts our mental growth. Religion is like a large mental block that has fallen across our way forward, pulling us up dead in our tracks. Not having the response-ability to work our way around the snag, we are stuck. We cannot move forward until we firstly become aware of the obstacle and then remove it.

We are like a flock of sheep, blindly following other dumb sheep as they rush headlong toward the cliff of ignorance. That is exactly what religious institutions want of course. Any follower that stops and thinks for them self would quickly see the hypocrisy of a religion that preaches compassion, love and understanding in one breath and wages war with the next.

The scriptures that we are asked to believe and worship took place centuries ago. The Old Testament is believed to have been composed at various times from the twelfth to the 2nd century BC. The New Testament is believed to have been developed around the 4th century AD.

If we take a moment and look at those scriptures with an enquiring mind, we would realize they are the ancient past. The times of the Bible are dead and gone – they and the messages they hold, simply do not exist anymore – except in our antiquated belief system. We are worshipping a creed that is from the old, stale and dead past– familiar description?

Of course – We are back in the egos library of the past, its favorite haunt. Blind religious faith is one of the egos favorite pastimes. Why? We habitually relate to and worship those images while unconscious, like lambs to the slaughter, blindly oblivious of what we are doing or where we are going. Religious belief gives the ego full control of our mind.

Is there a way forward? To be continued…..

Dan’s Quote– “Religion is the idol of the mob …
____________ it adores everything it does not understand.”- Frederick 11  

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