Mind WorX – Responsibility

GRADUATING from adolescence to adulthood in our classroom of the world is essential for the successful evolution of our mind. It requires us to become fully and competently responsible for our actions – which really means being response-able or… be able to respond adequately to the problems that now face us.

Mankind cannot afford to fail, for it is too late to repeat the class again. We need to realize that the physical effort that we have been using so far to try and resolve our problems has been largely ineffective. Our inadequate responses have caused our world to spiral downwards at an ever increasing rate into the violent state of anarchy that we now find it in.

Lack of forgiveness is just one of the many handicaps that are holding us back from evolving as competent, compassionate beings ready and able to take adult response-ability for the continuation and blossoming of our species in this world we have been privileged to inhabit.

Impartial self observation – a stand to one side look at the way our mind works – is the next vital step that we each must take to raise our mind’s unconscious level from the egos dark shadow up into the bright light of conscious awareness. This is a lesson of life that only you can learn for yourself.

Any physical effort, such as imposing restrictions and penalties or forcing others to comply with some law or dogma has not worked in the past and never will. To become consciously aware of ourselves at every single moment as we walk, talk and interact with people and the environment as a whole, whilst performing our mundane daily tasks is the solution.

A housewife has the ability to be aware of her hands and thoughts while she is washing the dishes, a man doing his work can stop for a moment and realize what he is doing. When walking, we can become aware of the feel of the carpet under our feet or the feel of our hands in our pockets, the touch of the coffee cup in our hands. Although these actions may seem simple, they are important lessons that we need to learn.

Those simple tasks, when done consciously, change our whole day. Unconscious thoughts cannot creep up on us and take us by surprise if we remain awake and aware of our world and ourselves. We magically become response-able people.

Who in their right mind would ever want to hurt another human being – or any other animal – or pollute and desecrate the planet we all share and need to continue sharing, if we were consciously aware of the dark thoughts forming unconsciously in our robotic mind that leads us to carry out those inept and sometimes callous actions – No one of course.

Any sort of violence perpetrated against anyone or anything in our world would be impossible if we were all consciously aware – in the bright light of understanding – of just how despicable such actions really are. Negative, depressing and angry thoughts are also impossible if we consciously see them coming first.

It is highly unlikely but, if we continue this way, we will reach a stage where our co-habitation of Earth will become untenable and our species will be lost. Mother Nature will recover in time and the Earth will carry on as if nothing happened, but Homo sapiens will no longer be a member of Earth’s animal race.

That is the dilemma that we now face. The scales have tipped too far for us to continue carrying on the way we are. If we do, we risk bringing about self extinction. There is the utmost urgency for the evolution of our mind to restore the balance. It is vital that we pass the exam and graduate.

Spiritually, it matters naught – after all, in reality, we are eternal, but mankind as we know it will end. That would mean starting all over again from the very beginning of time and having another try at physical life, hoping this time we will be successful.

How many times have we, as spirit, attempted to successfully mature and evolve as a responsible physical being – probably many times – we can never know while we are in this physical lifetime, but let us succeed this time anyway.

The extinction of mankind would be a shame in a way, for the human animal has a lot of good points as well as bad – and it is the ideal body in which we can experience physical life. It is up to us to save our species.

Dan’s Quote: “Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized 
_____________by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation 
_____________and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.”- Dalai Lama 

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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