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OBSERVING ourselves from an ‘other person’ perspective is an important step in the evolution of our mind. To stand aside and impartially observe ourselves means to be conscious of what we are doing at any given moment throughout our day – without identifying – but rather by simply watching our thoughts and action as we would another person as we go through our day.

This again is very personal. Impartial observation of ourselves can only be accomplished by our self, from within our own mind, no one else’s. It is a very important routine to practice and implement as part of the way we live our lives as it is vital to our successful evolution as complete and balanced human beings.

Although at the start we will fall back into a hypnotized, unconscious state whenever our guard is down, with practice, we can hone the skill of conscious self awareness to a stage where it becomes natural. This is a different way of living our lives than the way we are used too, as most of the time we are relatively unconscious of what we are doing.

To live life unconsciously as we do– to not be aware of what we are doing at any given moment – is how our mind fell under the control of the ego. At the beginning of mankind’s existence, it was largely up to the ego to facilitate our evolution as an animal species with the ability to survive in a hostile environment.

The ego worked on our physical evolution independent of our minds awareness for the simple reason that there was no need for us to know. Physical evolution does not rely on our conscious control. The problem is, our unconscious state of mind has continued on far longer than needed, creating a being that is now out of balance.

The evolution of our bodies was completed sometime back, although there may be a few tweaks needed to adapt to future trends, but in the main, our physical evolution has been successful. Now it is well overdue for our mind to catch up to our bodies and restore the balance.

The same evolutionary techniques cannot be used for the evolution of our mind as was used for our bodies. The ego is useful for physical evolution, but is completely useless when it comes to the evolution of mind – the reason being is that the ego is part of the physical body and although it works unconsciously within the mind – it is not a part of the mind.

The problem is we only know the egos way, which is inadequate, as the ego can only change circumstances on the outside, which we are slowly realizing will not fix the problems we have.

We all perform thousands of acts a day on automatic pilot, without being aware of what we are doing. We cannot fix anything that we are unconscious of. We must get sick and tired of continuing that way, stop trying and admit the fact that we do not know what to do.

You may argue that governments, institutions, lawmakers and society as a whole are the culprits and it would be an impossible task to get them to change. It must be realized that all those groups are made up of individuals like you and me so, the only responsibility you have is to yourself. That is the only place from which you can work. Remember the lighted candle?

That is where impartial – stand aside – observing of ourselves as we live our daily life comes in. Self honesty is needed. We must confess to ourselves that we do not know what to do (and neither does the ego). There is something else within us though that does, and we now must give that something else a chance. In other words, we must get out of our own way, stop meddling and trust.

To put our trust in something new to our experience, something that we do not know, something we cannot find in the egos library of the past is a very difficult and frightening thing for us to do, as we are so used to taking control and believing that it is up to us to put personal effort into any changes that are made in our lives.

Impartial self observation of our thoughts and actions as we live our everyday lives is the key – and that is very personal. That is completely up to you.

All we need do is trust and listen for there is something within us that is trying to give us the answer. Can you hear it?

Dan’s Quote: “A right search starts by realizing that …
_____________you do not know what you are searching for.”– Vernon Howard

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