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MANKIND is facing the greatest challenge of our times – the evolution of our mind. How can we achieve that? If we try to make it happen by using force and effort as was our way in the past, we are doomed to failure as history proves.

We try to think up ways, but thoughts are references to the past, stored in the egos library – what works for us and what works against us, gathered from past experiences that benefit our physical evolution only – ensuring our survival as a predatory animal.

We feel instinctively, the urgency to change, but any change that we attempt through effort, which is the way we have done it in the past, only creates more conflict and violence. In our ineptitude, we try to cultivate non violence by forcing people to obey laws, rules and regulations, but that is just another form of violence.

Ever since we dwelt in caves, the evolution of our species has been mostly a physical one and has largely unfolded unconsciously. Now our bodies have fully evolved and our time of adolescence is past and so too is the time of unconscious evolution. It is time for us to wake up, take conscious control of our mind and graduate into adulthood.

A major stumbling block that is hampering the evolution of our mind is the ego, (who we think we are at the moment) that does not want our mind to evolve, for it means the end of its tyranny. Ego is the thinker that keeps us confined in its library of the old and stale past. The egos chains that bind us are made of paper. We need to realize that and break free.

The old way is breaking down. In the past we had revolutions where we used force and violence to bring about change. That is the way we have done it for centuries. Every time we have tried, we have failed, for as soon as we bring about a new way of living, it becomes oppressive and another revolution is needed.

The definition of revolution in the dictionary is: ‘the act of revolving, or turning round on an axis or a center; the motion of a body round a fixed point or line; rotation; as, the revolution of a wheel, of a top, of the earth on its axis, etc.’

In other words, revolutions keep us spinning in the one spot, turning around and around in ever repeating circles without any advancement, always returning to the same place where we started. So it is with the revolution for change. We can never get anywhere but were we’ve been before.

We can enlarge our police forces, march in protest, make stricter penalties and create all the new laws we like – we will never get anywhere while we fight the symptoms of our problem instead of the cause, and that is just what we are doing. Not only are we not treating the cause, we are ignoring it completely.

The structures of society are not working for us anymore, but we are society, we have created it ourselves. If society is violent, confused, self centered, it’s simply because we are –and we are our minds – the problem lies within us, not out there.

The old evolutionary mechanism is no longer appropriate. Our old way of doing things is now working against us. A species that turns its violence on itself through revolution, is heading for self destruction.

Is it possible that there is another way to change that is not violent – a new evolutionary process?

Dan’s Quote: “We’re in the midst of an evolution, not a revolution.”- James Levine

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