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THINKING of ways to facilitate our minds evolution is a double edged sword. In one respect thought being of the ego relies on its library of images collected not only from our past life, but passed down to us from the pasts of our ancestors. Thinking about it won’t work as it can only keep us stuck in the mud of the old and stale.

On the other side of the coin, thought raises the sails of intuition and instinct, propelling us forward to the doors of enlightenment. That is where thought must stop though, for it cannot take us through those doors to somewhere new, to somewhere we have never been before. It can only take us back to the old.

The old way has been for the ego to be in control of our mind. This was necessary for the survival of the physical body that we inhabit whist here on earth. This is no longer needed as the only threat left against our survival on earth as a species is our very selves.

Mankind’s incapability to put our fight or flight mentality behind us and move on, is threatening us with self extinction. We are at the tipping point, we cannot go back, we must change the way we tackle life problems. Thought has become a handicap to our continuation both physically and spiritually.

We must stop thinking and allow intuition to take control. All of mankind’s great minds have instinctively done this. They have looked at problems with no idea of how to solve them. They could not think about it for there was no reference in memory for the problem at hand, making the way clear for a solution. All of a sudden – like Edison – the answer comes, not from memory, but from somewhere else – somewhere new.

Thought, as a tool for everyday life is legitimate and necessary – we need to think about what we are doing in our normal everyday routines – yet we have found that thinking of solutions to our worldly problems or asking some authority to supply the answer is fraught with failure.

We need another approach altogether, one that does not involve thought, which to us is a paradox, for how can we think up an answer without thinking?

It means upgrading our mind to a new level, to a more evolved state and we can’t do that by thinking about it. We need to be inspired. Inspiration means looking at the problem itself in a new way – without thinking about it.
To see the entire problem clearly and undiluted, not contaminated by old memories. To see it as it is without the interference of the ego and the past is to move toward a solution.

This movement is when the dark curtain rises allowing the light of awareness to shine into our mind. It is the dawning of the realization that we are not the ego after all – that the ego needs to go back to where it belongs, as keeper of our physical body ‘only’ with spirit (our true self) taking over as the conscious keeper of our minds.

This is the ‘New Earth’ that Eckhart Tolle, and many others write about. Whether we realize it or not, the time is nigh, we are on the brink of a fantastic change in the way we live. The evolution of the mind is a natural progression that has been programmed into us. All we need do is let it happen.

The evolution of the mind could be compared to the classic fight between God and the devil – good and evil. We only have one mind, but at the moment it has two masters. Spirit (our true self) and ego (our false self). They have been compatible foes in the past, but that can no longer be the case. One must triumph.

Have confidence though. We are programmed to succeed. Our foe, the ego, only exists in our mind – it has no substance in reality. It is but a cowardly shadow that plies its tyranny and negativity in the background. It has no stamina to stand and fight and when confronted, retreats back to the nothingness from whence it came.

The ego (the person we think we are at the moment) knows its time is up. This is the reason that it is becoming more dysfunctional in our world today. We (our true self) also know the egos time as manager of our mind is up.
That is why the evolution of our mind has already begun. We are on our way at last.

Dan’s Quote: “Original thought is like original sin – both happened before you were born…
_____________to people you could not have possibly met.”- Fran Lebowitz 

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