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BEFORE we continue, one point must be made clear; we humans are not a bad animal because we are violent. In fact, if we were not violent to start off with – and for the first few million years after that – we would not be here today. We would have been wiped out by the other, more violent beasts and gone the way of the dinosaurs.

There would now be some other dominant species on earth rather than Homo sapiens – but instead, we won the battle of the beasts, and being violent was essential to our victory over the other predators – for it was in those days, the survival of the fittest.

The other predatory beasts remain violent – they need to be because their situation has not changed since they first appeared on this planet. We on the other hand no longer need to be violent.

There is no one left for us to fight with, but we haven’t made the necessary evolutionary leap to compensate for that fact yet, instead, we are venting the violence that still seethes within us on our own kind and the planet as a whole.

All of our anger, frustration, irritation and impatience that are prevalent in our lives today are the echoes of our violence in the past that we have not grown out of.
Those feelings are of no benefit to our survival today – in fact they have become detrimental to the continuation of our species – a shift in mind is needed.

Extinction awaits mankind if we do not evolve. As far as the cosmos is concerned, it matters diddlysquat if we perish or not. We will not be missed as probably no one out there knows that we exist anyway. Even if they did, they would probably say, “Serve them right.” We as a species have a choice, sink or swim.

It is up to us – no one else cares. The other animals that share our planet haven’t got the mental capacity to care and even if they did, they would probably heave a sigh of relief if we went the way of the dinosaurs, for we have not treated them too kindly. We treat them more as a commodity to exploit, than another animal that has an equal right to share this planet.

We must stop killing ourselves, other creatures and our planet, or piss off into extinction and let some other species that is not so selfish take over. Ones that will allow all living things the God given right to thrive and prosper in this wonderful world – not just themselves.

The problem is the ego. The ego is the keeper of our body and at the beginning; we needed it to ensure that our species survived. The first images the ego placed in the folders of memory were what vegetation was nutritious and what killed us. What tactics brought us a good steak dinner and what caused us to become some other animal’s dinner.

Those images recorded everything that happened to us, both the good and the bad, building up a library over time of what to do and not to do to ensure our species had the best chance to grow and prosper. From those images of the past, we learned the skills of survival.

The ego was charged with those duties because ego is physical, we are not. We are spiritual, so we needed something physical to look after our body. The ego has done a damn good job for we are still here.
The ego is the source of the violence and selfishness within us – and it was warranted at the start, but the problem now is, we are still allowing the ego to control us as if we still had to fight for our lives.

We are at a stage in our development where our mental approach to living must evolve to take into account the fact that we no longer need to battle for survival. According to the latest reports from scientific observations – this has been happening on the physical level for quite some time.

Humans with the biggest brains lived 20,000 to 30,000 years ago, in Europe. Known as Cro-Magnons, they were tall with barrel chests and large jaws and teeth. Most impressive, however, were their brains, with males averaging a volume of 1500 cubic centimetres!

The human brain has since become smaller, now averaging 1350cc, a decrease equivalent in volume to a tennis ball. A scientist remarked that, “We may have smaller brains than early humans but that does not mean we are less intelligent.”

There are many assumptions for this decrease in brain size, but it is quite possible that – because we no longer need so much survival information – the ego’s reference library no longer needs to be so big. Our physical makeup is making allowances for the truth that it is no longer necessary to be always ready for fight or flight– now it is up to our mental outlook to catch up.

Physical evolution of our species is happening, mental evolution is not. We live in a time of great turmoil. There are the problems of ecology that involves the fact that we are making the world uninhabitable, the problems of overpopulation, racial tensions, alcohol and other drugs.

What are we to do? The old instinct of survival, based on violence has lived largely unconsciously in us since mankind took his first step. Just as the time of adolescence has past, so has unconscious evolution become inadequate if we are to survive! Conscious awareness is needed, but how do we do that?

Dan’s Quote: “Man’s task is to become conscious of the contents
_____________that press upward from the unconscious.”- Carl Jung

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