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PROJECTION makes perception. The world we see merely reflects our own internal frame of reference – the dominant ideas, wishes and emotions in our minds – wholly influenced by the ego. We look inside first, decide the kind of world we want to see and then project that world outside, making it the truth as we see it.

We do not see the world as it is… if it is at all. We see a perception of a world filtered through the images stored in the ego’s library. These images contain the beliefs, prejudices, preferences, likes, dislike, judgments and all the relevant emotions that the ego uses as references when manifesting a world that it then projects outwards.

In other words, we make it true by our interpretations of what it is we are seeing. As every one of us has our own set of images in the egos library, we all see a different interpretation of the world that is unique to us.

Thus, the conundrum is: Is there really a world out there at all or only interpretations of a world, perceived in our mind? As author and philosopher Vernon Howard puts it, “The kind of world you experience outwardly is the same kind of world you are inwardly.”
It is difficult at times to put into words, a plausible explanation of reality that we humans can fully understand whilst we are controlled by the ego. There is nothing wrong with this, for if we were not under the egos spell, we would have no need to be here in the physical world. We are here to learn.

Consequently, to help in a possible explanation of perception, the introduction above was influenced by the book, ‘A Course In Miracles’ and the article below by an edited version of ‘Your own private universe’ by Steve Pavlina, with a bit of word fiddling on my part.


Everything you experience of the universe comes through your perceptions or takes place in your imagination – everything. All that you perceive to be scientific or logical or objective still comes through your senses and thoughts — people, places, events, dreams… everything!

Can you prove the universe exists outside your perception of it?

How do you know you aren’t inside a simulation where everything you perceive is being fed to you, including the memories you claim as your own? How can you be certain you even existed a year ago or a minute ago? If you came into being just now with all your memories, how would you know?

How do you know any of the other people you encounter are actually conscious themselves and aren’t just projections, like NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in a role-playing game? Have you ever experienced anyone else’s consciousness but your own?

How can there be any validity to claims of the existence of an objective universe outside yourself when you have no way of escaping your own limited viewpoint? How can you prove the existence of anything outside your simulation without reference to the simulation itself?

When you aren’t perceiving or thinking about something, does it still exist? Can you prove that a rock still exists when you aren’t actively perceiving it? If you’re in a room, does anything outside that room exist? Do you bother to simulate what you cannot perceive?

Do the people in your life continue to exist when you aren’t with them? Or is the simulation more efficient than that, only generating what you’re experiencing right this instant?

When you have a dream, are the characters in your dream conscious, or are they projections of your own mind? Why do you think your waking world is any different than your dream world? Why do you think one occurs in your mind and the other outside it? Is it possible that both are occurring only within your mind?

Are you perhaps the only conscious being that exists in your universe? Is this assumption more or less valid than it is to conclude that all the other characters you encounter are just as conscious as you are? Do you make this assumption when you dream?

You’ve been taught that you are a thinking object walking around in a material world. But is it possible that the material world is only a simulation that exists within your mind? What if the entire universe only consists of what you perceive right now in this moment? What if outside of what you perceive lies nothing at all?

Do you simulate a past and future for yourself to create the illusion of time? Do you project your past onto your future? Does your simulation teach you what to think about, or do you teach it what to simulate?

Why do you become tired the longer the simulation runs continuously? Why do you need to sleep? What happens to your simulation when you do?

You can visit Steve Pavlina’s website via this link: A Private Universe

You can visit A Course In miracles website via this link: ACIM

Further perplexing questions could be asked – such as: Am I writing this article to share my thoughts with you, or are you, the reader, only a perception in my mind and I am really writing this to myself, for I am really the only one that exists.

Or have you manifested this article yourself, because you are the only one that really exists and the author of this post is only a perception in your mind?

While in this physical world, will we ever know the answer? Interesting!

Dan’s Quote: “If the doors of perception were cleansed…
___________ everything would appear to man as it is… Infinite”- William Blake

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