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IMAGINE for a moment that your life consisted of everything that you ever wanted. You live in a beautiful dream house that has all the modern conveniences and appliances that you could ever hope for. You have the latest luxury car, you have all the modern technical gadgets that are available. Money is no object to you.

The atmosphere that surrounds you is one of true loving joy, peace and friendship. The climate you live in is a perfect mixture of temperate sunny weather mixed with occasional light rain to refresh both you and the beautiful landscape that surrounds you. There is also a balmy, caressing breeze.

You are lucky enough to not suffer any kind of sickness, not even a sniffle and you can eat and enjoy any food or drink you wish as you do not suffer from weight problems or hangovers. You have never been angry, unhappy or depressed – or indeed, experienced any negativity. You are very fortunate.

You have heard on the grapevine that on the other side of the world there is a land that is purported to be the exact opposite of the one you enjoy – an environment of war and violence, poverty and crime. You are unable to even fathom what such a life would be like as you have never experienced such things in your life

Living in this virtual paradise, you have grown used to the luxuries that are heaped upon you – in fact you have become quite complacent with your lifestyle and because you know no different, you find it difficult at times to fully appreciate what you do have.

You find yourself wondering what it would be like if you lived for awhile in this place that you have only heard of on the other side of the world. What could you learn about yourself? Would such an experience make you more appreciative of what you do have?

You decide that the only way you will ever find out is to go see. You know that you will always be able come back to this life of ease after your trip, or if the going gets too tough. So you buy an airline ticket, pack your bags and set off to learn about yourself on the discovery adventure of a lifetime.

Arriving at your destination in this far off land of opposites, you immediately descend into a negative, depressive environment such as you never thought possible to exist. From the moment of disembarking, you become embroiled in the pain and suffering of this land, which hits you like a sledge hammer.

Your original plan was to simply experience how others live and thus gain more appreciation of the life you are blessed with back home. Also, if the opportunity arose and with the knowledge you have, you might even be able to assist those more unfortunate ones see that they do not have to live like this.

Instead, you quickly find that it is you that needs help, for you are indeed in big trouble. Experiencing for the first time the ravages of hunger and thirst, crime and violence, hate and selfishness, sickness and disease – all the negativities you have only heard about, you realize that you must learn to cope.

Getting back to the airport is impossible as you have become lost and your return ticket and money have been stolen anyway, so you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. As time goes on, you get used to the battle for life and somewhat inured to the inner suffering that you now constantly feel. This life for you has become commonplace.

The memory of your joyful life back home is pushed further and further back into the recesses of your mind until you forget the truth of who you really are and where you come from and where you will eventually return.

You find little pieces of this life you now lead bearable to some degree. Not remembering the love, joy and peace of your homeland you take what the locals here call pleasure as small comfort from the destitution that is now part of your world.

Miracles sometimes happen, so one day you are given an envelope containing the return ticket and money that was stolen from you so long ago. You do not recognize it at first, but as the realization slowly dawns, you quickly head for the airport and catch the next plane back home.

On arrival and fully remembering who you really are, you rush outside and kiss the ground in loving appreciation. You are back home from your escapade and unscathed. Asked by your loved ones what you experienced, you surprisingly answer that it was the best thing that ever happened to you.

You now fully appreciate the wonderful life that is yours forever – and in fact, you will even consider returning to this land on a regular basis later on to learn more about yourself and to re-bolster your appreciation of what you eternally have.

Although this tells a tale about a physical existence, which by definition is inadequate and highly exaggerated, this might serve as a comparison between your earthly finite life and your eternal spiritual existence. It’s fun to imagine such scenarios anyway.

Dan’s Quote: “Imagine all the people living life in peace. 
_____________You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. 
_____________I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”- John Lennon

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