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CONFUSION in our lives is caused by our continuing pursuit of pleasure, which is of the ego. We try and achieve this by seeking outside for such things as love, joy and peace but we never succeed for they are not commodities, acquisitions or emotions, they are states of being emanating from our eternal, spiritual nature.

The ego belongs to the earth, which is of a finite and physical nature, therefore is in opposition to spirit. The two, spirit and physical, like oil and water, do not mix. Not having the ability to experience true love, joy and peace, the ego must find a substitute, which is pleasure, a physical, earthly emotion.

There is nothing wrong with our search for pleasurable feelings. While here in this physical world we can do nothing else. In fact we are not supposed to. The ego and its tempting pleasures are here to teach us something.

We always tend to blame someone else for our ills, for instance, a catch cry among protestors marching against the wrongs that they believe other people are doing to them is, “What do we want, when do we get it!” Usually a megaphone is used to blast their protestations to as many of us as possible.

This epitomizes the domination that the ego has over our lives. It firmly believes that someone else is always at fault for not allowing pleasure in our lives and not us, so we try and convince those others to fix the situation, when in reality it is all in our ego dominated mind. That realization is one of the lessons we need to learn.

We are quite entitled to be angry, upset, depressed and heartbroken when things don’t go as we would like. We cannot at this stage of our learning, do anything else, as we are still in the grip of the ego’s tentacles. The lesson that we need to learn when we are upset is to simply become consciously aware of feeling those emotions, nothing else.

The error we usually make is that we tend to identify with the negativity, which causes us to suffer, then after the event, we suffer a double whammy by feeling guilty for suffering. Awareness lessens the ability of the ego to upset us, for we realize then that it is not us that is doing all this.

Once we realize that it is the ego causing all our pain and suffering, we may decide to get rid of it altogether. There are many methods we can use to try and do this; self realization, enlightenment, spirituality, higher levels of consciousness, freedom, peace, nirvana, – and also by finding love, joy and peace.

The problem we then face is that trying to get rid of the ego only strengthens it, for it loves attention, no matter what sort it is. Put simply, the more we think of the ego, the stronger it gets. In searching for any of these solutions, we must realize that actually, it is the ego that is trying to eliminate itself. So it is destined to fail.

In reality then, what we are really searching so desperately for in all these endeavors, is pleasure. We want to feel good, to feel better and better, and to be happy, to bring love, joy and peace into our lives– so we are continually seeking a state of feeling better, but we are looking in the wrong place.

There is no need to try and get rid of the ego for that is impossible. The one thing that solves the problem is to become consciously aware of the egos tyranny without identifying with it as being you. *’Impartial self-observation leads to self-awakening which leads to self-liberty.’

If there is one thing the ego does not like, it is being caught out. The ego is like a cowardly puppeteer hovering in the background and pulling our strings. If we look up and catch the ego in the act, it slithers backstage where it belongs and hides, only to re-emerge the next time our guard is down.

The ego cannot do its dirty deeds if we are consciously aware of what it is doing. That is all we need do. That is the test at the end of the lesson that we need to pass. If we fail it matters not, we are in a kindly classroom that allows us to repeat the test as many times as needed, without penalties, until we do pass.

Once all lessons are learned, the ego will retreat back to where it is supposed to be, (looking after our bodies) and a new world evolution will come to be. There are still many lessons for us to learn but we have come a long way since we first began our physical journey. We are now on the brink of a giant leap for mankind.

Proof of the pudding is that the ego is putting on a final concerted effort to continue its dominance of our minds as can be witnessed by the strife torn state of the world at the moment. It is always darkest before the dawn.

To win, (and it is destined that we will) we really needn’t do anything else but unconditionally experience and accept life as it is. That’s what we are here for. It’s only when our emotions get in the way, when we desire things to be different from what is, that we suffer.

*Vernon Howard.

Dan’s Quote: “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”- Leonardo da Vinci

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