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IMAGES are the tagged files that our ego keeps in the many labeled folders stored in memory. These images are of every single event that has ever happened to us in our lifetime, including every person we have ever met, even if only for a brief moment, permanently stored by the ego for possible further reference, never to be deleted or forgotten.

Every moment in your whole life is there, indelibly imprinted on those images. You may forget something or someone – and as we get older this happens more frequently – but the image is still there in a folder somewhere and with a bit of ‘brow furrowing’ can be recalled when prompted to do so.

These images are the egos records of the past which not only contain the visual record of each event, but also all the feelings from the five senses plus the many preferences and judgments associated with each image.

 The ego refers to these images constantly, so although we may believe we are living in the present, in reality, we are living in the past and the future. The only part the present moment plays is as a catalyst for the ego to rush into its library and look up an image from the past that relates to what is happening now. It will then update that image with this new information making it also part of the past. Then it can look at it.

When you are in the company of someone else, it is very difficult to see them as they are. If they have hurt you or insulted you – been mean and nasty to you, or if they have flattered or loved you in the past, that is on record in an image and will be dug up and recalled when you meet.

So each time you meet, it is very difficult for you to forget the way they have treated you, good or bad, because you see them through that veil of flattery, hurt or insult, recorded on their image from the past, stored in memory.

So you are not in touch with that living person at all, but rather with a memory of what they were. You approach and respond to them, not as someone fresh and new, but out of that memory you have of them, which then trigger certain responses and attitudes in you towards them, based on that past image. Of course, the same thing is happening to them as regards you.

We call that a relationship, but it isn’t really a relationship at all, rather, it’s only images from the past, pretending to be open and honest in front of one another. When you relate to anyone or anything through an image you have of them [or it] you are actually only relating to your own thoughts – not to what is.

The ego has conditioned us so much so, that we can only approach one another out of images [memory and expectation]. It is very difficult to be in direct contact with any person, especially if they are near and dear to us because in reality, we don’t want them to change; we don’t want them to be new.

You feel safer for them to stay the way they are so that they will remain familiar to you according to the stored image you have of them, for if they change too much, it causes you fear – fear of the unknown. That is something the ego does not like at all and will avoid at all costs.

Dan’s Quote: “Trust that little voice in your head that says…..
____________‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if…”- Duane Michals



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