Memory Lapse

EVERYONE YOU SEE IN THE WORLD is on the same level of understanding as you – anyone who is at a significantly higher level of understanding through conscious awareness would simply not be in your world. For the world you see is only a manifestation of what you perceive as reality.

 Therefore the people who come into your sphere of awareness are also illusions, which means then, they are just a part of your life dream.It is impossible for you to understand this revelation intellectually but the fact is – “Everyone that you are aware of must be at the same level of understanding as you, because there is only you. Those other people in your life are really only different aspects of you.”

So then, the learning process is a very personal one. Work on your own mind to gain more understanding and you [and the ones who have kept up with you] will gravitate to a higher level where the world then will be as different as chalk and cheese and the ones who have advanced before you will become visible in your life.

A cautionary note is needed here though – once you raise your level of understanding, the people you see and interact with in your present life will move into the background if they don’t keep up with you  [learning wise] and will eventually disappear from your life.

They will eventually learn in their own time, as all of us will, but be prepared if they fall behind. There is nothing you can do about this. Your responsibility is to yourself and your own personal growth. You cannot help somebody else no matter how close and dear to you they are, except to lead by example.

Underneath, they know the truth that will set them free as you subconsciously do. By becoming consciously aware yourself, you are lighting a candle for anybody else who wishes to follow your lead. That decision is completely up to them. No one can force them [or you].

A very strange part of being on the pathway to enlightenment is that whatever you need to help you advance will magically come into your life, be it literature, something you hear and take notice of, or a sudden illumination. All you need is the desire to learn.

You are really doing all this yourself. You are in fact manifesting ‘pointers’ so to speak, to help you progress, for as has been stated in Two Worlds, in reality, there is only you.

Dan’s Quote: “There is no one there to let go of anyone…..
____________Your realization that there is no one there to let go…
____________Is what letting go is.”- Vernon Howard


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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