Mind WorX – Introduction

REGARDLESS of what others tell you, if they are living a life on earth, they are controlled by their ego. No matter what they presume to be – enlightened, egoless, guru, minister of the church, mystic, cosmically aware, whatever their claim to fame, they are the same as you and I – living in the belief that we are our ego/body.

They are viewing their lives, like us, through the eyes of ego with all its preferences, beliefs of separateness, self preservation and personal, selfish desires – if you know or are aware of someone, anyone, whether it’s face to face, heard about on the grapevine or in the media, they are on the same level as you.

Anyone who has conquered their ego [and there are those who have] would simply not be here. There would be no need. The lessons of ego would have been learned and they would have advanced to where we cannot even imagine here in this life.

 There is absolutely nothing wrong with this situation. That is the way it is meant to be. This earth was put here for that very purpose, for us to experience and live a life as ego with all its quirks, eventually learning the egos real place in our lives and its true role.

We should take heart though, for mankind is today, on the brink of a major evolutionary leap. We are starting to become consciously aware of who we really are, including the fact that our ego and its accompanying negativities, controls so much of our daily life.

Actually it’s a ‘do or die’ situation for us. We will either sink or swim. If we sink, then it’s back to square one and we start all over again from scratch and then see if the next time, we can learn to swim. If not, we will do it all over again and again as a species until we learn.

Cosmically speaking it won’t make any difference at all which way we go. For after all, there is plenty of time in eternity to right our wrongs. But to us as a species, it does. There is something in us [not ego] that wants us to succeed.

By becoming aware of ourselves and our true purpose, we can then go forward, not backwards and continue to experience the wonders that are in store for us in this, our exciting, earthly life.

One fact that is hard to come to terms with is that the ego cannot exist in the present moment – the now. That is why it is so difficult to live in the now. Your ego does not want you too, for it fears it will disappear.

Ego can only exist in the past, in memories. In reality, in this life on earth, in our ego form, that’s all we think we are – memories. The way that mind works stems primarily from our library of memories….

Dan’s Quote: “May you nibble at the apple and be fruitful.”- New Zealand Statesman


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