Two Worlds 2

two worlds

THERE ARE TWO WAYS in which we can regard ourselves. One way is the way we usually think of ourselves, as a physical being, but although we rarely think this way, we are also a spiritual being.

Both these ways of looking at ourselves is correct for we exist concurrently in both these completely dissimilar worlds… or realms and both are relevant to us. The world that we are accustomed to is of course our physical existence in the finite world of time and space.

It’s tangible; we can reach out and touch it. We are certain that we know who we are. We have a name, a body, individuality; we are different from them, those and others.

On the other hand, our existence as a spiritual being in an infinite, timeless, spaceless world is less clear. There is no substantial proof – we cannot reach out and touch it – it is intangible.

Our belief in our spiritual nature is simply that – a belief. We may believe a variety of scenarios as to who we are spiritually – then again, we may not believe at all. That’s our prerogative.

Our spiritual beliefs were formed early in life, (from birth to around age five) consisting mainly of the second hand beliefs and opinions of others. We were given many explanations about our spirituality, we inherited our parent’s beliefs that they inherited from their parents and so on, back through our ancestry.

The different religions that abound also had an input into our belief system, no matter whether we went to church or not. All of this believing what others tell us, inhibits our natural ability to enquire – to search for our own spiritual roots – to find out who we truly are.

Religious beliefs that we are taught to be true are spurious at best. Our teachers gained those beliefs from old books such as the Bible, Koran and other religious manuscripts.

The problem with that is that over time the human scribes, who re-wrote those ancient religious texts, added their own prejudiced viewpoints, therefore changing the meaning and the words, thus rendering them unusable as a tool to discovering who we truly are…

(Two Worlds 3)

Dan’s Quote: “ Be thankful for the bad things in life. For they open your eyes
______________to the good things you weren’t paying attention to before.”


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