Two Worlds 4

two worlds

BECAUSE OF OUR INNATE CONNECTION with the mysterious spiritual world, mankind has tried to understand what it is and our involvement in it from time immemorial. Philosophers, Sages, religious scholars and ecclesiastical denominations of all kinds have tried to define our spirituality, but all have failed miserably.

For us mere mortals using our every day mind, attempting to describe the spiritual world, brings up many problems, only there seems be an urgency deep within us to understand it, for we have an inner sense, a yearning, a faded memory that that is where we truly belong.

Some hypocrites think they know and even preach to us that they know, but they don’t, they only delude themselves and us, doing more harm than good, for like us, they too are mere mortals. As a result of their ignorance, a whole lot of miss-information has accumulated over time, burying the truth even further into the morass of superstition and belief.

The spiritual world cannot be described in earthly terms of time, space and things, because in the spiritual realm there are no ‘things’, therefore there is no space between any-thing, there is no past or future, so there is no time to elapse. It cannot be ‘up there’ or ‘down there’ or ‘anywhere.’ For that to be so, it would have to be a world in time and space, which it isn’t.

It is nowhere, yet everywhere. That’s the dilemma we face when trying to understand and explain the infinite spiritual world in finite terms. We need to understand something that can never be fully understood using our present mental development.

We need to further heighten our conscious awareness – to advance the evolution of our mind. Also we must remember that all this spiritual stuff is a mental exercise to absorb the meaning of… not to believe in. If we believe, then the learning stops.

As an exercise then, let’s tell ourselves a story about maybe how it all began…

(Two Worlds 5)

Dan’s Quote: “We must walk our own path and the reason we are walking a particular path
______________may not be clear to us at the level of our ordinary human consciousness.”


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