Two Worlds 5

two worlds

IN THE BEGINNING, All That Is, is an Intelligence energy, an awareness, a knowing. It has always been from the beginning which never began and never ends. It was content with Itself. The spiritual realm contained only love, joy and peace, for in a world with no time or space or others, there cannot be opposites.

There is no time or space for harm or unhappiness to exist. There is only the benevolent All That Is – or God – or Universal Intelligence – God might be easiest, as long as we don’t make the mistake of confusing this God with the god of religion.

God was completely content with his own company, yet had a yearning to experience and know himself, but in the spiritual realm where he was everywhere, he had no way of comparing himself to anything else, for there was No-‘THING’ else but him.

God contemplated this and realized he needed to create a world that had others – for companionship and comparison’s sake. He had a dream and in that dream he created the heavens and earth – a finite, physical universe consisting of time and space that would allow the creation of others – someone over here, something else over there, not just God everywhere.

God was pleased and set about doing his creating. This took millions of years in our finite timeline, but to God, it took no time at all. God was pleased with planet Earth as the staging ground for his daring endeavour.

He also wanted to create some sort of mechanism, a form that he could use as a vehicle in which to experience himself in the physical world. So he experimented and began to create the species of the earth.

Creating life on Earth began with God playing with the primordial soup – mixing into this concoction, bits of this and bits of that until finally creating a single cell creature.

You can imagine God’s delight as he realized that this single celled organism was the ideal building block upon which to create the perfect physical life form in which to experience himself…

(Two Worlds 6)

Dan’s Quote: “In reality you are God dreaming…
______________Imagining what it would be like to be you.”


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  1. But without the One, there is no other. Therefore One is the other, that makes Two. The mirror Image of each Other. The Opposite order of Balance, that is the Eternal Energy Cylindrical Momentum Spin of Beginning to End, End to Beginning.

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