Two Worlds 7

two worlds

AEONS WOULD PASS ON EARTH before God was satisfied with a life form that would make the perfect vehicle in which to experience Himself. The souls were now living the lives of God’s many creatures, testing out each different life form for suitability, before the final design was decided upon.

This took quite awhile in earthly terms, for remember, God might be all powerful in the spiritual world but he was a bit of a novice in the physical world. Why? He had never done this before. One of the many creatures God created was an ape in which he was well pleased.

It was not perfect for the job at hand, but was getting close. God fiddled with the apes design, changing it here and tweaking it there and eventually a new life form was created – ‘Man’. Man was not so much a descendant of the ape but a new creation based on the idea of the ape.

When completed, the man species was considered perfect for the task. It was so perfect in fact that there have been no new species created since. As God had done with his many other creatures, he created a rudimentary intelligence that was part of the physical body, (in man it was called the ego) that was subordinate to God and the souls.

During the test runs, the souls continued to hover over each new human – just above the cranium – as they had done with the other creatures, where they experienced the life journey of the entity whilst still retaining the knowledge of God and truth.

Two sexes had been created for all life forms early on, well before the creation of man, as a means to procreate. God placed the urges and impulses into each sex so as to attract them to each other.

He designed the act of copulation to be very alluring and sensual to ensure that the creatures of each type would come together so as to reproduce and populate the earth with their particularly species.

God was well pleased – and by crikey, so were we all. What a dull world it could have been. Yes, God was certainly a pretty smart cookie…

(Two Worlds 8)

Dan’s Quote: “People say ‘The joy is in the journey’… This is true,
______________if we can rid ourselves of unconsciousness.”


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