Two Worlds 14

two worlds

GOD’S ULTIMATE PLAN for the soul, which is of great importance to our understanding, is that when He created the cosmos and souls, the cosmos that he was referring to was the entire universe, which not only includes Earth and our solar system, but also the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy and all the other galaxies in the known and unknown universe.

The physical life journey of the souls was to be experienced in many places in the cosmos, not just on Earth. To imagine for a moment, as we used to in years gone by that Earth is so special as to be the only planet to harbor life is as naive as believing that the Earth is flat. Today, most of us realize that even though science has still not discovered any proof of life other than on Earth, they eventually will.

We, as souls have live many lives in many places in the universe. In God’s dream, the souls were to have a series of incarnations, (physical life experiences in a number of bodies) until they had experienced every aspect of life.

This we will continue to do until we have no need to return to Earth again – but our learning experience will carry on – in other places in the cosmos. There is no time limit, no penalty for not learning, no judgment day, no purgatory where we are held until a vindictive God decides whether we are worthy of heaven or hell.

When the soul was as free in the physical body as out of it – then the cycle of earthly life would be finished and the soul could go on to new adventures. We have lived in many bodies and have known ourselves by many names, learning more in each incarnation.

Although God had granted the souls free will, so would not directly intervene in their learning experience, He did provide helpful guidance in written form, plus would occasionally deem it necessary to send a soul directly to the physical world to help mankind, a soul that had completed the experience of creation and had returned to God to become a companion and co-creator. One of these souls is known to us as Jesus Christ…

(Two Worlds 15)

Dan’s Quote: “God is within you, so have faith in yourself.”


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