Two Worlds 15

two worlds

THIS CHRIST… AS WITH THIS GOD should not be confused with the Christ of religious doctrine. The Christ soul (recognized by us today as Jesus, although there were many others that preceded him) was interested in the plight of his brother souls, so took human form from time to time, to act as a leader.

In the early stages, the Christ soul occasionally ‘took on flesh‘ returning to the physical world to teach and lead mankind. These incarnations were neither born nor died, but only appeared when necessary.

To aid mankind further and give guidance in later times, God found it necessary to have Christ born of woman, as a new individual, a new soul record, so as to be fully accepted by mankind as ‘one of them‘, though behind this new individuality shone the pure light of the Christ soul.

It was necessary that the knowledge of truth be hidden from the mind of this new individual, so he could be as one with the common people. A veil of ignorance was thus drawn on the awareness of his true self while the underlying Christ soul could begin his pilgrimage to help mankind.

The last Christ soul incarnated was Jesus as far as we know, and he as Jesus, led by example; eventually triumphing over death and the physical body and became the way for man to follow. Although it may seem that our prayers are not being answered, God is sending us continuous help; we don’t need to be religious or go to church.

Nothing that happens to us happens by accident – Ever. Every event, every tiny incident, whether seemingly good or seemingly bad has a purpose. Everything is there for a reason including what we see, read and hear. Whatever is needed will appear magically in our life when we are ready to receive it – not before. We, as souls are the ones who put all of this together.

Every part of our present life and all our previous lives were predetermined by us before we embarked on this present lifetime. We can vary our journey slightly as we go by virtue of free will if it allows more learning but all in all our life’s journey follows a predestined path…

(Two Worlds 16)

Dan’s Quote: “Be willing to start life anew every morning.”


Note: Sections of this post are from ‘There Is A River’ by Edgar Cayce

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