Two Worlds 16

two worlds

OUR PATH IS TOWARDS ENLIGHTENMENT… To remembering who we really are. We are the cause of it all – no one else – for in reality there isn’t anyone else. We exist in one world while dreaming of living in another. The spiritual world comprises only love, which is something we can’t comprehend here in on Earth.

As magnificent as a world like that would be to us, comparisons are impossible. Appreciation of a perfect world cannot be fully experienced unless there is a contrasting opposite to compare it with, which is why we are here.

Contrasting opposites are experienced in time, which is an illusion of the physical world. It is part of the same dream, so can change pace depending on what our soul requires. The illusion of time can be proven in our own life experience, for example, when we are young, time is not slow or fast – it simply doesn’t exist.

Each day is enjoyed to its fullest by most children without fear of time ending the fun. It starts to interfere with our life when we go to school, especially with such ordeals as exam studies. It gets to be very noticeable during our adult working life. If we toil all day in a dreary job, endured for the sake of money, time between start and finish will drag on and on.

Then it flies by during the evening until our work day begins all over again. Although our work week takes forever to go by, the weekends and holidays pass by like a flash and then before we know it, we’re back in the grind again.

In later years, time passes by at an ever increasing pace. One day is quickly replaced by another. All of a sudden there doesn’t appear to be enough time to do anything before it is nightfall and time once again for bed. As the wrinkles grow and the aches and pains increase, more time is spent in reminiscing than living.

The lucky ones who really enjoy life to the full, do not suffer this time warp nearly as much, in fact it remains similar to what it was in childhood. Each day is full of enjoyment and satisfaction no matter what they are doing. But there are not many of us who are experiencing such a life at this stage of our development…

(Two Worlds 17)

Dan’s Quote: “Time is the warp of the weave of the physical universe
______________and so pulsates at the heart of all matter.”


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