Two Worlds 25

two worlds

NO HUMAN BEING living or dead, has ever given indisputable proof of what happens before birth or after death. It’s all conjecture. A person who has reached that stage of understanding has no need to be here at our level. By consequence they have moved further up the pathway of enlightenment.

Which means they are no longer within our field of awareness, we simply would not be aware of their existence. Therefore everyone in the world that we are aware of is on the same level of understanding as us, or a bit below, so no one is capable of telling us the truth. All theories are just speculation.

Our body and personality are created at birth and the death of our body means the death of our person-ality, (the person we think we are). Neither our body or our personality can return to this world, it’s a one way street despite stories to the contrary.

To fully remember, we must have passed from the physical level to the spiritual level, leaving the finite body and personality (ego) behind. Once there, our soul would have no wish or need to return to the physical world just to let us know what happens.

Nobody at our level has any idea of what the truth might be. All the books that we may have read by prominent scholars, whether religious or philosophical cannot tell us the answers. They can only give us pointers towards the truth – and sometimes, away from the truth.

Everyone must remember the truth for themselves. If a philosopher or a religious zealot states in their teachings or temples that they know the truth and to believe and follow them, they are either thoroughly deluded or making it all up for a purpose which is usually greed or self aggrandizement.

That includes all church doctrine, no matter what faith. Books such as the Bible hold marvellous insights that are there to help us learn about ourselves and assist us along the path to enlightenment, but they are not to be believed. They are meant only to be pointers towards the truth….

(Two Worlds 26)

Dan’s Quote: “We are here to experience what it’s like to be a human being.
­­­­­­_____________ Knowing what happens after death serves no purpose.”


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