Two Worlds 28

two worlds

IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT that a soul is having a dream of being a human being living a life on Earth. That would mean that the whole world and everyone and everything in it would be within that soul. To allow the soul to fully experience the drama of life it would believe the dream to be reality.

Compare that scenario by imagining going to bed tonight and having a dream. The dream seems real and appears to be occurring outside of us. When we wake up in the morning we realize that the dream was inside of us all the time.

Because we have experienced this many times in our life, we take it for granted. A question to ponder… when we do wake up each morning from our night’s sleep are we still dreaming our souls same dream?

As one diamond has many individual facets, we are all individual facets of the one God. This enables the one God to experience multiple lives. It’s important to realize that whilst we are the one God, the different facets (souls) are experiencing a smorgasbord of separate lives.

Being a facet of the one God, we remain an integral part of everyone and everything else in this world – and everyone and everything else is an integral part of us.

Thus we cannot hurt or harm any other living creature without hurting or harming our self, for in reality, they are all us. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we cannot love and appreciate any other living creature without loving and appreciating ourselves and receive love and appreciation in return.

We are worthy of every bit of that love and appreciation whether we realize it or not… and so is everyone else. If we are part of everything else in this world, how then do we only experience this unique personality that we think we are and not be aware of the rest of the living creatures that we are a part of?..

(Two Worlds 29)

Dan’s Quote: “We are all special players in the game of life…
_____________predetermined winners in a game we cannot lose.”


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