Two Worlds 29

two worlds

IMAGINE THE CONFUSION if we were aware of all living creatures experiences at the same time. The maelstrom of sights, sounds and senses would render any learning experience or enjoyment impossible. Life experiences must be separated and that is precisely what the habitual mind (ego) is for.

The ego plays a vital role – in fact, without it, the experience of life in the physical world would not be possible. The ego (the person we think we are), lives out a lifetime experience, after which, it will cease to be… as will the body.

This causes great fear in us only because we think we are our ego/body and that when we die, we will be no more. But we cannot die. Only material things in a material time/space world can die – and we are not of this world.

Although hidden deep within us, while living a physical lifetime a part of us does know and understand the spiritual world very well for it is our true and familiar home where we belong, a world that in reality, we have never left except in our dreams.

So how do we communicate in the spiritual world? There is no need. Why? There is no ‘We’ – there is only One. There is no one else. There can’t be anyone else. For that to be possible, the spiritual world would need to have dimensions, time and space, that would allow separation and individuality like the physical world, but it hasn’t.

It is infinite. It has no boundaries or restrictions. Within it our soul is omnipresent… we are everywhere. There is not a place where we are not for there is not another place to be. We have no need to communicate with our self.

We are Universal Spirit – We are God – who has temporarily forgotten the truth while we are dreaming of being here, inhabiting a physical body in this world.

While we are experiencing physical life, words are a necessary ingredient to enable us to communicate, understand and survive in our physical environment. We also need a body and an human mind for an individual, conscious experience of life…

 (Two Worlds 30)

Dan’s Quote: “At the end of physical life, we leave our human rubbish behind.”


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