Two Worlds 30

two worlds

A PHYSICAL BODY AND MIND are essential components that allows us to communicate with others while experiencing ourselves in three dimensional time and space. Even when we are contemplating spiritual matters, we are handicapped by our need to use words in thoughts or on paper.

We exist in both the physical and the spiritual worlds simultaneously. The physical world is easy for us to understand. It is tangible, we can reach out and touch it, feel it,  smell it, hear it, see it – It is made of matter and appears to be very real.

The spiritual world on the other hand, is harder to understand. It is not touchable or see-able or feel-able by our physical senses. It can only be believed in – or not believed in as the case may be. Most believers call it Heaven, Nirvana, Utopia or some other exotic name – some even call it Hell or oblivion.

Its location is believed to be either up there, down there, or out there somewhere. In reality it is not up there, down there, out there or anywhere. It is no-where – yet everywhere. To be in any one location at all it would have to consist of time and space – but it doesn’t.

The spiritual world is time-less, space-less and dimension-less,
therefore to us three dimensional physical beings, it is understandable-less.

The reason we can’t comprehend the spiritual world no matter how hard we try, is that there is no matter in the spiritual world. It is completely foreign to our understanding while we inhabit a body of matter, think with a mind of matter and live in a world of matter, in a universe of matter.

The spiritual world is everywhere around us. It is not composed of time or space or matter. It is our eternal home where we are right now in the stillness of the present moment, creating a dream that enables us to enjoy many physical lifetimes on a small spinning ball of rocky matter called Earth…

Dan’s Quote: “We need material possessions like we need a hole in the head…
______________We already have everything we could ever possibly need within us”


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