Is Mankind caught in a ‘Time Warp’?


When Columbus discovered America, he could possibly have introduced himself to the Native Indians by saying, “Hi, I’m an Eytie from Italy.”

When Captain Cook discovered Australia, he could possibly have introduced himself to the Australian Aborigines by saying, “Hi, I’m a Pommy from England.”

Both these men were right – in their own time and place. They were both explorers of our Earthly backyard. They were representatives of known lands exploring and looking for new unknown lands and it’s local unknown native inhabitants. Things started to go a bit ‘warpy’ though, when man went to the moon, our first foray to places other than our own backyard.

So what did man do when he landed on the moon? He stuck the Stars and Stripes flag in the Lunar soil and claimed it for NASA and America. Or that’s the way it came across to most of us anyway.

Not to say there was anything wrong with what particular country’s flag was hoisted there.

If the Russians had got there first, it would have been a Russian flag, and the same goes if China or any other country had got there first. It would have been their flag flying in the lunar soil.

We now know that there are no Lunatics (on the moon anyway), but if there had have been, how would Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have introduced themselves. “Hi, we’re Americans from NASA?”

When mankind first left Earth’s shores to explore the Moon, it would have been more meaningful, logical and sensible to have had a flag representing Earth to stick in the Luna soil.

Our Astronaut/Cosmonaut representatives should have been trained by NASA or whomever, well before the Moon trip to introduce themselves to any possible, intelligent Aliens that they may meet along the way, as Earthians from Planet Earth.

Up till now though, we have been caught up in what I term a ‘Columbus-Cook Time Warp’. Man is stuck in the -20th Century. We still regard ourselves as localized to a particular country and creed on our little planet. We have forgotten to advance mentally!

We have managed to get away with it so far because the moon is only just over our back fence but now we are on the brink of journeying to Mars, a land far far away.


So how are we going to introduce ourselves? By saying, “Hi, I’m an American – or Russian – or whatever from Earth? Wouldn’t it be better to say, “Hi, Martians, we are Earthians?”

What flag are we going to stick in the Martian soil? The Stars and Stripes – the Hammer and Sickle – the Union Jack? Do they represent mankind as a whole?
It’s high time for Man to align with the times. We need to grow up. We can’t stay stuck in the ‘Columbus-Cook Time Warp’ any longer.

We are preparing to journey to another planet that lies well beyond our back fence. Our species needs to be properly represented if we are to explore the limitless cosmos. And that’s a responsibility we all share, for it is you who is being represented.

To facilitate that, we need a flag that represents Earth to stick in that alien soil, one that we all can be proud of. Just as important, is that our representatives hoist our planet’s flag as proud Earthians.

The basic mind set about ourselves and our race must change. And that doesn’t just mean for the Astronauts/Cosmonauts who are representing us, it also means us personally. Essentially, you must change. An evolutionary change in the way mankind thinks of himself is way overdue. The time has come to reconsider yourself.

We are all part of the one species that is about to embark on a journey into the great unknown, and before we do that, we must re-evaluate the way we determine ourselves, and how we are going to portray ourselves to the Universe..

It is time for us all to rethink ourselves as;

No1. Earthians.
No 2. The country we come from.
No 3. The state, region, province we live in.
No 4. The city, town community etc. we call home.

No’s 2, 3 and 4 are already part of our nomenclature. The exception is No 1.

Who among us, when asked, “Who are you?” replies instinctively, “I am an Earthian.”….. None of us.
But in truth we are!! It is the one thing that binds us all no matter what color or creed.

That’s exactly the mind set we all must achieve if we are going to mature as a member of the cosmic community.


Once we begin the journey, we not only have the responsibility of representing ourselves favorably but also all the other living creatures that share our wonderful planet. Being the ‘brainiest’ of the bunch we have an obligation to Earth and all life on it.

Sounds rather strange doesn’t it? But we have always been Earthians. If we weren’t, we’d be Aliens.
We simply had no need to understand that while we have been confined to our own back yard.

Now we are preparing to venture well over our back fence into the cosmos. We urgently need to start planning, learning and changing our outlook before we embark.

We need to design a flag representing our Home Planet.
We all need to say instinctively, “I am an Earthian.”

Why is it imperative that we do this?
Because the time has come for us to grow up as a species. We have graduated from kindergarten. We must move on to the next class – This time it’s a universal class.

For that, it’s imperative that we unite as one and learn together.
We need to be patriotic towards our planet – before our particular country, creed and beliefs.
Fighting between ourselves will need to ease up for us to be able to bond as one; as Earthians.
We all need to start learning now. If we don’t – Our species will be in big trouble.

We are on the brink of becoming cosmic travelers, we need to change our mind about who we are.


Author – Dan Brand: Earthian – Australian – Queenslander.

About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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